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Go Markets Pty Ltd

Account: 119647Name: Shams FataniCurrency: AUD2010 December 17, 22:21
Closed Transactions:
TicketOpen TimeTypeSizeItemPriceS / LT / PClose TimePriceCommissionTaxesSwapProfit
169238172010.12.03 15:15sell1.00eurjpy110.8530.0000.0002010.12.03 15:35110.1150.000.000.00905.84
169514122010.12.06 07:31sell1.00eurjpy110.6770.0000.0002010.12.06 10:36110.3510.000.000.00397.59
167285692010.11.30 07:34buy1.00eurjpy110.1510.0000.0002010.12.01 16:12110.4660.000.002.66387.78
176514742010.12.17 14:17sell1.00eurjpy111.3910.0000.0002010.12.17 16:41111.1500.000.000.00290.55
171854112010.12.10 01:27buy1.00eurjpy110.9950.0000.0002010.12.13 09:33111.2110.000.002.57260.35
173347082010.12.14 08:38buy1.00eurjpy111.9410.0000.0002010.12.14 09:56112.1550.000.000.00257.63
171496612010.12.09 15:37sell1.00usdjpy83.8880.0000.0002010.12.09 20:5283.6960.000.000.00233.26
176467602010.12.17 13:48sell1.00eurjpy111.6310.0000.0002010.12.17 14:16111.4400.000.000.00230.40
169476802010.12.06 02:11sell1.00audusd0.989900.000000.000002010.12.06 06:340.987680.000.000.00224.77
171336672010.12.09 11:30sell1.00eurjpy111.3200.0000.0002010.12.09 11:40111.1470.000.000.00209.21
172643722010.12.13 13:13sell1.00usdjpy84.0660.0000.0002010.12.13 15:5783.9020.000.000.00196.97
169575592010.12.06 11:01sell1.00eurjpy110.1340.0000.0002010.12.06 11:46109.9910.000.000.00175.01
169852462010.12.07 02:03sell1.00eurjpy109.8310.0000.0002010.12.07 03:33109.6900.000.000.00172.94
169476522010.12.06 02:11buy1.00usdjpy82.8270.0000.0002010.12.06 06:5882.9670.000.000.00170.86
172379252010.12.13 01:32sell1.00eurjpy110.8700.0000.0002010.12.13 03:50110.7340.000.000.00164.54
173095972010.12.14 01:09buy1.00usdjpy83.4790.0000.0002010.12.15 00:1483.6160.000.000.31164.04
169900312010.12.07 06:01buy1.00usdjpy82.5120.0000.0002010.12.07 08:2482.6460.000.000.00163.63
174494632010.12.15 09:39buy1.00audusd0.993350.000000.000002010.12.15 15:090.994910.000.000.00156.80
174423552010.12.15 08:42sell1.00usdjpy83.8110.0000.0002010.12.15 15:0983.6890.000.000.00146.49
169888402010.12.07 05:11buy1.00eurjpy109.8990.0000.0002010.12.07 05:55110.0140.000.000.00140.77
169063522010.12.03 08:07buy1.00audusd0.976870.000000.000002010.12.03 09:280.978200.000.000.00135.96
171058142010.12.09 02:36sell1.00eurjpy111.3450.0000.0002010.12.09 11:09111.2340.000.000.00134.18
167922772010.12.01 11:05sell1.00audusd0.963670.000000.000002010.12.01 17:140.962410.000.000.00130.92
169518872010.12.06 08:13sell1.00usdjpy82.8360.0000.0002010.12.06 11:4682.7320.000.000.00127.27
176262772010.12.17 09:23sell1.00audusd0.990110.000000.000002010.12.17 11:020.988890.000.000.00123.37
169655692010.12.06 14:59buy1.00audusd0.987300.000000.000002010.12.07 02:050.988500.000.008.55121.40
168407582010.12.02 04:30sell1.00usdjpy84.0880.0000.0002010.12.02 11:1883.9920.000.000.00118.06
176264792010.12.17 09:26sell1.00eurjpy111.5210.0000.0002010.12.17 14:16111.4240.000.000.00117.02
174395812010.12.15 08:29sell1.00eurjpy111.4500.0000.0002010.12.16 06:56111.3550.000.00-12.76114.30
168677502010.12.02 14:00sell1.00eurjpy110.8000.0000.0002010.12.02 15:37110.7080.000.000.00113.07
174185002010.12.15 00:14sell1.00eurjpy111.8340.0000.0002010.12.15 08:06111.7400.000.000.00112.73
167918422010.12.01 10:55sell1.00audusd0.963310.000000.000002010.12.01 17:130.962260.000.000.00109.12
167285462010.11.30 07:32buy1.00usdjpy84.0770.0000.0002010.12.01 16:1284.1640.000.000.32107.11
171061362010.12.09 02:43sell1.00usdjpy83.8740.0000.0002010.12.09 04:0183.7900.000.000.00101.53
169599852010.12.06 12:01buy1.00eurjpy110.1570.0000.0002010.12.07 09:53110.2400.000.002.59101.26
169889422010.12.07 05:16buy1.00eurjpy109.9330.0000.0002010.12.07 05:55110.0140.000.000.0099.15
175795922010.12.16 14:30buy1.00eurjpy111.3590.0000.0002010.12.17 05:32111.4410.000.002.5598.59
168760032010.12.02 15:53sell1.00eurjpy110.2420.0000.0002010.12.02 16:00110.1620.000.000.0098.49
169852672010.12.07 02:05sell1.00usdjpy82.5990.0000.0002010.12.07 03:3482.5200.000.000.0096.91
171340852010.12.09 11:39sell1.00audusd0.984970.000000.000002010.12.09 13:230.984050.000.000.0093.49
169004602010.12.03 02:14sell1.00usdjpy83.6940.0000.0002010.12.03 08:1083.6220.000.000.0088.10
168597232010.12.02 12:01sell1.00audusd0.968450.000000.000002010.12.02 13:590.967600.000.000.0087.85
170036482010.12.07 10:51buy1.00usdjpy82.6870.0000.0002010.12.07 16:0782.7590.000.000.0087.40
170808792010.12.08 15:39sell1.00usdjpy83.8550.0000.0002010.12.09 04:0183.7840.000.00-1.5685.82
171050302010.12.09 02:27sell1.00usdjpy83.9950.0000.0002010.12.09 02:3883.9260.000.000.0083.56
171310242010.12.09 10:45sell1.00usdjpy83.7740.0000.0002010.12.09 20:3183.7070.000.000.0081.31
172637552010.12.13 13:09sell1.00usdjpy84.1550.0000.0002010.12.13 13:1384.0890.000.000.0079.38
168597342010.12.02 12:02sell1.00audusd0.968350.000000.000002010.12.02 14:000.967600.000.000.0077.51
171854172010.12.10 01:27buy1.00audusd0.984750.000000.000002010.12.10 04:330.985490.000.000.0075.09
171854232010.12.10 01:27buy1.00audusd0.984870.000000.000002010.12.10 04:360.985550.000.000.0069.00
169031592010.12.03 04:15sell1.00audusd0.974900.000000.000002010.12.03 05:010.974270.000.000.0064.66
169004592010.12.03 02:14sell1.00eurjpy110.6020.0000.0002010.12.03 04:37110.5500.000.000.0063.67
173347032010.12.14 08:38buy1.00audusd0.995900.000000.000002010.12.14 10:000.996520.000.000.0062.22
169510012010.12.06 06:46buy1.00eurjpy110.7370.0000.0002010.12.06 07:01110.7870.000.000.0061.02
172806572010.12.13 16:00sell1.00usdjpy83.8160.0000.0002010.12.13 16:0683.7670.000.000.0058.90
171910252010.12.10 04:06sell1.00usdjpy83.7060.0000.0002010.12.10 11:4683.6590.000.000.0056.94
173096272010.12.14 01:10sell1.00eurjpy111.7120.0000.0002010.12.15 08:12111.6660.000.00-4.2555.19
171464952010.12.09 14:48sell1.00audusd0.982680.000000.000002010.12.09 21:060.982150.000.000.0053.96
174373392010.12.15 08:16sell1.00eurjpy111.5580.0000.0002010.12.15 08:18111.5150.000.000.0051.71
176317722010.12.17 10:39buy1.00usdjpy83.9990.0000.0002010.12.17 14:0084.0390.000.000.0048.27
172422752010.12.13 04:01sell1.00usdjpy83.9340.0000.0002010.12.13 15:5883.8940.000.000.0048.05
170036322010.12.07 10:49sell1.00audusd0.992460.000000.000002010.12.07 16:530.991990.000.000.0047.38
169852382010.12.07 02:03sell1.00audusd0.988680.000000.000002010.12.07 03:010.988220.000.000.0046.55
171133302010.12.09 04:12sell1.00usdjpy83.7100.0000.0002010.12.09 21:0083.6720.000.000.0046.18
167284892010.11.30 07:29buy1.00audusd0.962860.000000.000002010.12.01 10:540.963300.000.008.8145.68
169064412010.12.03 08:09buy1.00eurjpy110.6590.0000.0002010.12.03 11:07110.6960.000.000.0045.19
172816612010.12.13 16:12sell1.00usdjpy83.7000.0000.0002010.12.13 16:3083.6630.000.000.0044.52
169479672010.12.06 02:30sell1.00eurjpy110.7280.0000.0002010.12.06 06:34110.7050.000.000.0028.08
173096322010.12.14 01:10sell1.00audusd0.994730.000000.000002010.12.15 05:030.994460.000.00-14.1127.15
169627962010.12.06 13:19buy1.00usdjpy82.8810.0000.0002010.12.07 16:5382.9010.000.000.3124.33
172810932010.12.13 16:03sell1.00eurjpy111.3840.0000.0002010.12.16 06:55111.3640.000.00-21.2624.06
171344332010.12.09 11:42sell1.00eurjpy111.0690.0000.0002010.12.09 13:23111.0510.000.000.0021.77
174382812010.12.15 08:21sell1.00audusd0.991610.000000.000002010.12.15 08:270.991460.000.000.0015.13
169134542010.12.03 11:11sell1.00audusd0.979010.000000.000002010.12.09 01:130.978900.000.00-86.0911.24
169515332010.12.06 07:41sell1.00audusd0.987490.000000.000002010.12.06 11:470.987450.
176148242010.12.17 05:34buy1.00eurjpy111.5180.0000.0002010.12.17 09:25111.5210.
168406282010.12.02 04:18sell1.00audusd0.963780.000000.000002010.12.02 16:010.963770.
169510042010.12.06 06:46buy1.00audusd0.987720.000000.000002010.12.06 07:410.987440.000.000.00-28.36
0.000.00-111.369 150.57
Closed P/L:9 039.21
Open Trades:
TicketOpen TimeTypeSizeItemPriceS / LT / P PriceCommissionTaxesSwapProfit
174866282010.12.15 15:09buy1.00audusd0.995240.000000.00000 0.988650.000.0034.21-666.57
176372922010.12.17 12:06buy1.00audusd0.990100.000000.00000 0.988650.000.000.00-146.66
167938992010.12.01 11:21sell1.00eurjpy109.3690.0000.000 110.5250.000.00-77.28-1 393.11
170100652010.12.07 13:07sell1.00eurjpy110.3660.0000.000 110.5250.000.00-51.38-191.62
174866452010.12.15 15:09sell1.00usdjpy83.6660.0000.000 83.9130.000.00-2.05-297.69
176493302010.12.17 14:04buy1.00usdjpy84.0510.0000.000 83.8950.000.000.00-188.09
0.000.00-96.50-2 883.74
Floating P/L:-2 980.24
Working Orders:
TicketOpen TimeTypeSizeItemPriceS / LT / PMarket Price
No transactions
Deposit/Withdrawal:0.00Credit Facility:0.00
Closed Trade P/L:9 039.21Floating P/L:-2 980.24Margin:4 699.35
Balance:15 606.88Equity:12 626.64Free Margin:7 927.30
Gross Profit:9 142.42Gross Loss:103.21Total Net Profit:9 039.21
Profit Factor:88.58Expected Payoff:115.89
Absolute Drawdown:0.00Maximal Drawdown:74.85 (0.65%)Relative Drawdown:0.65% (74.85)
Total Trades:78Short Positions (won %):53 (98.11%)Long Positions (won %):25 (96.00%)
Profit Trades (% of total):76 (97.44%)Loss trades (% of total):2 (2.56%)
Largestprofit trade:905.84loss trade:-74.85
Averageprofit trade:120.30loss trade:-51.61
Maximumconsecutive wins ($):40 (4 248.76)consecutive losses ($):1 (-74.85)
Maximalconsecutive profit (count):4 248.76 (40)consecutive loss (count):-74.85 (1)
Averageconsecutive wins:25consecutive losses:1


The Truth About Automated Forex Trading SystemsPDFPrintE-mail
Written by Andrew11

Tuesday, 07 June 2011

I have traded for over 22 years and still see people trying to buy success via cheap automated Forex software and they fail to make money. Below are six reasons, why most cheap Forex robots lose money. So let's look at the claims made by the vendors which can help you spot a loser and then, look at how to make money with Forex software which is not known by many traders.

6 x Myths Traders Believe about Robots and Making Money in Forex

If you are considering trading with a Forex robot then read on and it could save you a lot of moneyOf course, the myths below, are put forward by vendors of cheap Forex robots to generate sales and believe any of them, and you will end up with a system which will destroy your account.

1. You Can Trade with 90% Accuracy

This is rubbish and anyone who has traded knows it. The best traders in the world don't do this and they earn millions or hundreds of millions in salaries so don't expect a cheap robot costing a hundred bucks to do it. Also the accuracy rate is NOT important, its the difference between winners and losers which is.

2. The System Uses Sophisticated Algorithms to Predict Price

Again another stupid statement – Forex markets do not move to mathematics and therefore, there is no way to predict the future. Any system which claims it can, will end up being as accurate as your horoscope. You can win but you must see Forex as an odds game and that means trading the reality of price change and not trying to predict.

3. The System Uses Artificial Intelligence to Beat the Market

this is perhaps the most amusing claim of all. The vendor of the robot claims, the system can think and adapt to market conditions and make money. Well the most sophisticated artificial intelligence robot ever developed, was by Berkeley University in California last year so lets see what its capable of doing:

They managed to built a robot which achieved a major breakthrough in artificial intelligence - it could pick up and fold a towel!

This is a finite object and in a set place and compare this task with trading Forex markets which are a moving price and the price is made by humans who are unpredictable. I find it amusing, there are so many vendors claiming they can beat the market with this method, when its obviously not true.

4. The Programmer is an MT4 Programming Genius

Linked to the above, mathematics is of limited use in Forex and anyway the so called “genius” doesn't even exist and is just sales hype. Forex trading is an odds market and all you can do is trade probabilities, you can win doing this but make a system too mathematical or complex and it will fail.

In fact, mathematicians generally make bad traders because they make clever systems which are to complex and break. The best traders I know, are ones who are good at poker and this is because they know how to trade the odds and use simple robust methods they execute with discipline.

5. You can Make X Amount Every Month

The figure varies but again another statement which is not true – you cannot make a steady income in Forex each month because trading conditions change. This should be obvious to anyone but naive and greedy traders believe and learn the reality which is a quick loss of equity.

6. You can Trade for Huge Gains with Less than 10% Drawdown

Again this statement is rubbish - big gains means drawdown in the short term. Sure a system can make big gains longer term but in the short term ANY system (even the best) will lose money and draw down for a few months at some point before a new high in equity is made.

You can of course make money longer term trading Forex but you will have periods of losses and any vendor who claims otherwise is lying.

So How do they Get Track Records that Looks so Good?

Well there either simulations going backwards, where a system is bent to past data to make a profit manipulated, where the vendor only shows closed profit and not open losses or simply made up.

Ever seen one of the cheap robots present an audit of results by a reputable auditor? Me neither. If you see systems that look to good to be true, they are and that's a fact.

Can You Make Money with Automated Software?

Yes but the reality is the best systems in the world make 50 – 100% per annum which are great gains but keep in mind draw down will be typically 30 – 50% and can lost for several months on end.

If you are disciplined and prepared to look long term, you can make money trading with automated systems but the reality of trading automated systems is one of patience and waiting for long term gains with a lot of short term volatility.

Think About Before You Use an Automated Trading System

Most people simply don't have the discipline to follow mechanical systems and if you are one of them, why not do what all successful traders do and get an education and learn how to trade the odds?

Anyone can learn to trade - but few people bother to try and get the right education and feed robot vendors with a regular income and end up joining the 90% of losers.So if you are serious about making money at Forex treat it as a serious business learn the basics and you will soon be making big gains in around 30 minutes a day.

Learn to Become A Forex Trader Risk FREE

If you want to get 250 pages of proven strategies and tools to put the odds on your side, daily technical trading opportunities and full 1-on-1 support from real traders then go to the link below and learn Forex trading RISK FREE: http://www.learncurrencytradingonline.com/subscribe.html

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 07 June 2011 )
Make a Forex RobotPDFPrintE-mail
Written by Andrew11
Saturday, 09 April 2011

You can buy lots of Forex robots or so called Forex Expert Advisor's online but most are junk and won't make you any money and it's a fact you can do better yourself and make a trading system which can make money – so lets look at how to make a Forex robot.

Before we look at how to make your own Forex robots let's take a look at the commercial ones, how they build them and why they don't work.

Why Most Commercial Robots Fail in Real Time Trading

The first point to keep in mind is - most vendors who make commercial robots are not interested in the robot making money. All they are interested in is presenting the best track record they can which has high returns and low draw down, so the naïve and greedy trader buys it.

So How Do They Get the Track Records to Look so Good?

The answer is - back testing and bending a set of rules to fit the data which is known as curve fitting. They keep adding and subtracting rules, until they have a system which show high returns and low draw down.

When they build these systems, not only do they bend rules to fit the data, they have no real money management and either take far to little risk on a trade or in most instances – too much.

I have seen one robot where it claims the trading signal made 10 pips profit but before it came back into profit - it was negative 625 pips.

Bending a track record to fit back data is doomed to failure because prices never repeat in exactly the same way again and the system gets destroyed. The vendor then makes up another one and another one, with the same result and makes a tidy income on sales, while the buyer simply losses.

So if you want to make a Forex robot you can and now we will take a look at how to do it.

Making Your Own Forex Robot

The first point to keep in mind is that the best systems are simple and robust and its a fact that simple systems work best and always have. Also simple systems will not be subject to curve fitting and the back test results will be realistic.

A key point to keep in mind is that if you are looking to make a Forex trading system – it will have draw down. There is no perfect system! Here are some general guidelines on building robots.

Simple Price Action System

You can make money even with a 1 rule system and on this site you will find a system which does just that called the 4 week rule. This system doesn't use any indicators and is based purely on price action and works.

Standard Deviation of Price

Another great way to trade is to base your system on volatility and I have known several systems which have just traded standard deviation of price and piled up huge gains, with one making 100,00 to 1.1 million in just 2 years.


Its always tempting to use a large number of indicators but you should resist the temptation, as we said earlier, because it will lead to curve fitting. Keep the number of trading indicators to around 4 or less.

Focus Long Term Trade All Markets the Same Way

If your system is based on sound principles it should work in ALL markets avoid unique rules for different currencies or different trading conditions – this is the worst type of curve fitting and destined to fail. Also focus on long term trends and don't try and trade random short term moves.

Finally, employ a set of money management rules which give you objective levels where you are stopped out and your all set to trade your own Forex robot.

Final Words

Making a Forex robot is a lot simpler than most people think and if you spend a little time and follow the above guidelines you will have a trading system you can trade for big Forex robots and make a great second income in around 30 minutes a day.

Neural Networks Applied to FX TradingPDFPrintE-mail
Written by Andrew11
Sunday, 13 March 2011

Here we will look at neural network trading strategies applied to FX trading, with the view of making a program which lead to bigger trading profits. Lets take a look at neural networks and see,if there application can lead you to bigger profits in Forex trading.

Should you use neural networks in your FX trading strategy? Lets take a look at the logic and its application in trading currency markets for profit.

The Concept

In technical terms, neural networks area method of data analysis which consists of a large number of processing units that are linked together by weighted probabilities. The idea is that they can mimic the human brain in the way it works and learns from past experiences. Its a branch of artificial intelligence where the creation of neural network model leads to a computer program which is able to 'think' and 'learn' and this concept is the new buzzword in Forex Trading.

So how do Neural Networks Work?

The field of neural networks was pioneered by Bernard Widrow of Stanford University back in the 1950s. Today they are used in various industries such as image and voice recognition systems, industrial robotics and aerospace applications.

A neural network usually involves a large number of processors which operate together but each has its own individual programmed knowledge and access to data in its own local memory. A neural network is "trained" by being given large amounts of data and specific rules about data relationships (A breakout above a daily chart high is likely to continue higher). A program can then tell the network how to behave in response to an external stimulus ( buy a breakout above a daily high)

Neural networks, in FX trading can be used to extract patterns and detect trends from its rules base. A trained neural network is often referred to in FX trading as " A Forex Expert Advisor" ( EA). The network can provide projections and answer "what if" questions. In true terms, a neural network learns by example and are not programmed to perform a specific task.

The Problem with Neural Networks in FX Trading

In FX trading lots of vendors claim they have built neutral networks and artificial intelligence programs which can not only be programmed with rules, they have the ability to think, learn and trade the market better than a human. By using pattern recognition, it then predicts and trade currencies for profits but this is absolute rubbish.

Let's look at how advanced artificial intelligence has become and you will see why, neural networks can never trade Forex markets better than a human and any simple trading system for that matter, based on trend following.

The Most Advanced Artificial Intelligence Neural Network and a Stunning Breakthrough

In 2010, a team from Berkeley's Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences department, got a robot to fold towels of different sizes, solving a key problem in robotic engineering -- how to deal with flexible, or "deformable," objects. So we are a level where a computer can manipulate "deformable objects" – I.E. something which is flexible and not rigid, where the shape isn't predictable.

Now this is major breakthrough in artificial intelligence and neural networking but if you think about it, this is still a defined object. Currency markets are NOT a defined object. In terms of the towel folding its scientific and the rules are specific to help it fold the towel and the outcome, will be the SAME every time.

In terms of FX trading, this is not so. The idea of neural networks and artificial intelligence in Forex is to find patterns that are predictable and trade them, to give the trader an edge but Forex markets are not scientific!

Traders will always look for recurring patterns which they think haven't be seen by humans and a computer can find them and predict with greater accuracy. How can this be true though, when markets are illogical and are made by humans which don't confirm to any objective rules?

You have guessed it, these neural network FX trading systems, are simply sold by vendors to appeal to naïve traders who think they can predict Forex price action but they soon learn, there is no way to beat the market.

Final Words

I quite like the idea of a robot folding towels and do set chores and also saw, an artificial intelligence robot for sale the other day on the web. With its advanced application of neural networks and fuzzy logic, it claims 95% accuracy in trading ( well if it really can predict the future with science it should be 100%) the cost for this breakthrough program $97.00!

Anyone who buys a system in FX trading based on neural networks or artificial intelligence is either very naïve or has no concept, of how and why Forex prices really move. In conclusion, avoid neural network FX trading strategies or you will end up losing your money.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 13 March 2011 )
Forex Trading Software – Advantages and Limitations of Forex RobotsPDFPrintE-mail
Written by Andrew11
Monday, 11 October 2010

If you look around online you will see everyone talking about Forex robots and saying you can make huge gains with no effort and most new Forex traders use software to trade but what is the reality of trading with Forex software? Lets find out.

The advantages of using an automatic buy and sell software program to trade currencies are:

You don't have to do any real work after setting up the system, you just let it trade via it's rules.

Because the software has set rules your emotions cannot get involved if you traded yourself.

Finally, you can make big gains with the best robots.

So what are the disadvantages and limitations of using software?

The first disadvantage is that most of the Forex software sold online is junk. You get people who have never traded in their lives selling software packages they claim can make huge gains with low risk but they never present, a real time track record of gains to support the track record. You get simulations going backwards ( knowing all the highs and lows) or figures which are unaudited.

Beware of Sharks

If you see a currency trading software program with a track record of huge gains and low risk, costing under $200.00 – pass it by as the old saying is:

If it looks to good to be true it probably is” and that applies to the bulk of the software sold online.

You can get good automatic currency trading systems and there is a free one on this site which works , called Richard Donchians 4 week rule and you will get some programs which present real time track records but you have to keep in mind the following points when using these systems

What to Expect When using Currency Trading Software

ALL systems will have long periods of draw down which can last many weeks or even months – sure they make gains long term but you must be patient and ride out these short term periods of losses

The bigger the gain, the bigger the draw down. For example, the best robots make between 50 – 100% and you can expect a draw down at some point of 25 – 50%. Don't believe anyone who tells you that you can make big gains, with minuscule downside volatility – its not true.

As you can see, if you are careful and get the right system and have confidence in it and follow it long term, you can make a great long term income but you don't get rich overnight.

Fantasy and Reality

As for the robots and software programs telling you you can enjoy over 90% accuracy with your trades, make several hundred percent in profit, with draw downs below 10% - There likely to lose you money because the track records are not real money.

Final words

Software has its advantages and limitations and if you keep in mind the above points, you can decide whether you should use a software program or trade for yourself

Currency Trading Software – Using Different Settings for Range Bound and Trending MarketsPDFPrintE-mail
Written by Andrew11
Wednesday, 14 July 2010

There are many Forex trading systems and robots sold today which allow you to change the settings of the system to trade different conditions but the logic this is based on is flawed and we will look at why in this article.

What many Forex robot vendors do is - construct track records using simulations across back data and when they do this, they want to produce the best track record they can. They do this by bending the rules of the system to fit the data then, to improve performance even more, they then make different rules for different trading conditions. So the system is curve fitted to the data and there is a problem with this...

The Dangers of Back Testing or Curve Fitting

In hindsight, its easy to see the change between range bound markets and trending ones but when you are actually trading for real its not so easy to spot these periods and of course, when they change . As no data sequence ever repeats the same again, the system get hammered in real time trading and the user ends up losing his money – trading in hindsight is easy, as you know where all the highs and lows are but when you don't have this data at hand, trading live is far harder.

These systems which try and use two different systems, within a system are doomed to failure. If you see a system with unique rules for individual currencies or for different trading conditions, avoid it as it will fail to make money in real time trading.

Rules to Trade ALL market Conditions

Any currency trading system, should trade all currencies and all market conditions with the same set of rules.

The reason for this is it will be more robust and more likely to make you money, as it will have fewer rules, too many rules in a system, leaves it with to many elements to break.

You Can't Beat the Market but You Can Make Money

In today's world of high performance computers and software with awesome number crunching ability, there is a tendency for traders to look for order in back testing when there is actually none. Because Forex markets are made by humans, who are not logical but emotional beings, there is no scientific order; FX markets remain a game of odds, not a game of certainties and this means you can't beat the market.

While you can't beat the market, if you have a system based upon sound logic and strong money management to keep losses small in periods of draw down you can make a lot of money over the long term and while your Forex trading software can lose in the short term, you can make great gains longer term.

Judge your systems performance over years rather than weeks or months and your patience will be rewarded; trading currencies is not about trying to be perfect, its about making money and you can do that with a simple currency trading software package and tight money management.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 14 July 2010 )
FX Trading Signal ProvidersPDFPrintE-mail
Written by Andrew11
Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Online there has been a huge upsurge in people providing signals to traders and you can now get them to your email or mobile, so you can trade them instantly but there is a problem with FX trading signal providers and we will look at in this article.

You can get FX trading signals direct from the vendors software or you can get them via robots that they sell and generally these signal providers charge very little for the service - normally a few hundred dollars for a robot or under a hundred dollars a month for signals from them.

How to Find the Few Good Signal Providers

While it is tempting to think these signals will make you money, in most instances they don't work. To find out which ones do (and there are very few that do) look for an audited track record which has been verified from an outside ratings firm or accountant. Most FX signal providers don't do this and all you get are:

  • Simulations going back across historical data which is very easy when you know the closing prices

  • The vendor will sometimes give you, so called live results which are published by him on his website but there is no outside check and they should be treated with caution.

Learn the Logic Upon Which Trading Signals are Generated

The other problem with following signals ( even if they do show a profit) is you will have periods of draw down and you need to have confidence in the logic behind the signals to follow them.

As most signal providers simply make up track records in hindsight, they don't give you the logic behind the signals of how and why they work (because they don't!) but if you want to follow a currency signal service with discipline, you need to have confidence in the logic. If you want to follow signals, make sure the logic is revealed, so you know why it works and you have the confidence to follow the system with discipline.

Final Words

The internet is full of get rich quick systems and trading robots but these cheap systems get turned to dust by the market but the lazy and naïve trader still continues to buy them looking for a free lunch. Always remember, there is no free lunch in currency trading, just as there isn't in life and in a market, where 95% of all traders lose money this is obviously true!

If you trade an automated currency trading system which gives automatic trading signals in your FX trading strategy, always keep in mind that your trading for the long term and you will have short term drawdown.

If you want to use an FX trading signal service, you like learn the logic and have the discipline to stick with it and you can make enjoy long term currency trading success.

Trading Forex with Artificial Intelligence SoftwarePDFPrintE-mail
Written by Andrew11
Saturday, 22 May 2010

There have been several Forex trading robots which claim to be using advanced artificial intelligence in there software and some claim, more than 95% accuracy in there trading signals - so what is artificial intelligence , can it be applied to Forex trading and can it help you make bigger profits – Let's find out.

The definition of artificial intelligence is:

The capability of a device to perform functions that are normally associated with human intelligence, such as reasoning and learning from experience.

The Limits Of Artificial Intelligence

Currently, there are no computers ant where exhibit full artificial intelligence (that is, are able to simulate human behaviour). The human brain can think for itself and as yet, no computer can even get any where near the human brain in terms being able to think, learn from experience and act upon this experience across a variety of subjects but there has been some limited success, in making machines which can perform basic tasks.

In the area of robotics, computers are now widely used in such areas as car assembly plants, but they are capable only limited tasks. Robots still have huge difficulty identifying objects based on appearance or feel, and it was only recently that a robot was developed which could actually fold a towel correctly and this was seen as a major breakthrough in artificial intelligence software.

The Future and a Robot that Can Think for Itself

In the 1960's, I remember seeing a program on the future, where we would all have robots to help us clean the house, shop, baby sit the kids etc but we are no where near to having this kind of robot, as we have just seen from the above examples.

Forex Robots Predictive Software

The Forex trading robots which claim they can think for themselves to predict Forex price movements cost normally around $100 or so and claim they come with advanced Artificial intelligence but they don't and never have real time figures that are audited to back up there claims, its good copy though and helps to sell systems. The reality is that even the most advanced artificial intelligence software, can cost millions of dollars and can perform only limited tasks, so if you think a Forex robot costing under a hundred dollars can beat the Forex market your in for a disappointment.

The Reality of Forex Trading and the Limitations of Software

Forex trading is a market of odds not of certainties, you can never predict where prices are going and the market can never be beaten and the reality is:

In the last 50 years, we have seen computer and software technology make huge advances in terms of speed and number crunching ability but in terms of Forex, the ratio of winners to losers remains the same – 95%. So advances in technology have not helped increase the ratio of winners.

If you want to win use a simple trading system with just a few rules and it will beat a complex one, simply because it has less elements to break.

So trade the odds, keep your system simple and robust and you, will easily beat the Forex robots which claim they can predict the market in advance.

Forex Professional System TradingPDFPrintE-mail
Written by Andrew11
Tuesday, 18 May 2010

More traders than ever are looking at buying automated FX robots and looking to trade a Forex Professional trading system, the problem is most of the ones for sale that are heavily promoted are junk in this article we will show you how to get the right software to make Forex professional system trading a reality for you and help you make some great long term profits.

Online you will find numerous holy grail Forex trading robots which all claim to make huge gains with little or no draw down, they actually look to good to be true and they are – you don't make huge gains with no draw down and you can't predict the future as most of these robots claim. If you want to trade a Forex trading system you need to find one that works ( which we will come to in a moment) and keep these facts in mind:

  • A good system will give you a compound growth rate of around 50 – 100% per annum

  • Drawdown will typically be between – 20 – 40%

  • Drawdown's can last a few weeks to a few months before a new peak equity is hit

  • You need to ignore short term fluctuations in equity and judge your performance over years not months.

To find a good system make sure that you buy a Forex trading system which has a real audited performance of long term gains and the figures are verified by an independent outside source and DON'T come direct from the vendor selling the system.

Most currency trading robots sold online, simply present back tested results by simulating the system backwards over historical data which means the system has been bent to fit the data and make a profit or thery give you results on their website which they say are live but there not and come direct from them. The reason they have no evidence to back up their track records is simple – they have never made any money!

Forex professional system trading is all about getting a system which has proved itself in real time trading and on this site on the right, you can get a great Free system which works and performs all the heavily promoted cheap robots.

If you want to trade Forex like a pro the right system can give you a short cut to long term success and give you access to a triple digit income per annum for just 30 minutes of your time or less, just make sure you pick the right system!

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 18 May 2010 )
Trading Software – Using Science to Beat the MarketsPDFPrintE-mail
Written by Andrew11
Sunday, 07 March 2010

Today, we have more powerful computers than ever and the software which has been developed to trade Forex markets, is mind boggling in it's complexity. Many traders are using software in an attempt to make their currency trading strategies more profitable and beat market but they can never succeed and this article looks at why.

First, let's start with a simple Forex trading fact which most people know and it's this:

95% of all Forex traders lost 50 years ago and still lose today and when you think about this fact, it may strike you as odd, with all the advances we have seen in terms – price delivery, better news, computer power and the ability of software to number crunch quickly – these advances have made no difference, to the number of traders who win. If you think about it though, the reason why the number of winning traders has not increased is obvious:

Forex Markets CANNOT be Predicted!

Forex market do NOT move to science and this should be obvious to anyone - because if they could, we would all know the price in advance and there would be no market!

The Forex market is a market of probabilities not certainties and the reason for this again is obvious:

Humans make the price of any currency and their creatures of emotion, not of logic. The “far out investment crowd” believe that markets move to some higher force but they don't and you get a lot of clever nerds, who think because they are clever, they can beat the market with science but prices are unpredictable and they can't.

The fact is if you want to win at Forex trading, you can but you must focus on trading the odds and that means scientific and complex currency trading strategies, simply cannot help you.

Use a Simple System and Trade the Odds

In Forex trading, simple systems work best and always will and the reason for this is – a simple system, will be more robust in the brutal world of FX trading and have fewer elements to break. If you think, the more Forex trading indicators you cram into your trading strategy the better - Your wrong!

If you want to win at currency trading use a robust, simple system and you will do just fine and always keep the next point in mind...

Perfection is NOT Possible but Making Money is!

If you want to be right all the time and feel clever, don't trade FX. If you can accept that perfection is not possible but if you run your profits and cut your losses, you can win. Forex trading is not about beating the market, you can never do that - but you can win and make a lot of money and that's what Forex trading is all about.

Final Words

50 years ago, 95% of FX traders lost money, the same ratio of traders lose today and the same ratio will lose in 50 years time. The fact is Forex trading success is based upon – A simple method which is applied with rigorous discipline. This has always been the case and always will be – so stop trying to be clever and accept the market for what it is and play the odds and win.

Best Automated Currency Trading SoftwarePDFPrintE-mail
Written by Andrew11
Sunday, 07 March 2010

There are a huge number of Currency trading robots and Expert Advisor's you can buy and we review the major ones in our Forex Robot section of this site and the fact is all the cheap automated currency trading systems which cost under two hundred dollars and claim to give you a better performance than the word's top traders lose money. There are some good trading systems out there though and here we will look at why most automated software packages lose and how to find the few that win.

As the internet age emerged, so to did a huge number of get rich quick schemes and in all areas of finance including FX trading. They all make gains which are to good to be true; make a more money than the world's top fund managers, with less draw down, make no effort while doing so and the cost to you, is no more than a good night out at the bar. So why do they lose? Lets find out:

Simulated Back Tests Which Don't Repeat Due to Curve Fitting

All the heavily promoted track records, base there track records on back tests or simulations. This means they bend the system to fit the data and simply keep bending it until they get a truly extraordinary performance. One trader likened this to shooting at a barn door, blinded folded and then, going and drawing a circle around every shot, to make it look like a bulls-eye! No two segments of data, ever repeat in the same way again and these systems lose in real time trading.

Forex Robots and Money Management

When a track record is heavily curve fitted, the area to suffer is money management. An I have never seen any of the heavily promoted robots, have money management which is based on sound principles which means the trading system can't win over the long term – in short, most automated software packages take to much risk and eventually, the market blows them out the water.

Where's the Audited REAL TIME Track Record?

You get simulations and live results which the vendor says are true but the one thing you don't get is - an audited track record of real time gains by a reputable outside source. It should be obvious to any trader, that you don't get a better track record than the world's top fund managers with less draw down, for the price of a good night out. You don't see the evidence in terms of a real time trading record because there isn't one!

Automated Trading Software Which Makes Money

There are some systems that make money and if you look at the advertisement on the right side of this site, you can get a profitable currency trading robot for free; Richard Donchian's 4 Week Rule. The system is easy to understand works and will make great long term gains. Sure it has draw down but all the best systems do but follow it, focus on the long term and you will do just fine. If you want to buy a Expert Advisor make sure the track record has been audited and the source of the audit is revealed, so you know if it's from a reputable source.

Final Words

If you see a an automated currency trading system with a track record which looks to good to be true, chances are it is and the way to confirm your suspicion, is to look at the track record.

If you are looking for the best currency trading software, use the above check list and you will find the right trading system, to use in your currency trading strategy which will enable you to make some great trading profits in around 30 minutes a day or less.

Best Automated Forex Robot and Forex Trading Signals Providers Forex EA

Forex Robots are automated devices that trade the forex industry for you. They can be also known as expert advisors (EA’s) and can be referred to as automated trading software.

Positive aspects
They are valuable should you do not have time to trade the currency market place on a daily basis. That is referred to as day trading and in some conditions scalping. The automated software package will can trade for you personally and make you revenue furnished you choose a superb forex robot. There are opinions throughout the net around the different robots available. Forex discussion boards really are a superior location to glimpse for facts. The also lower the emotional stress day trading could cause and assist aspiring traders that have self-discipline and emotion challenges. These can both have a very detrimental have an impact on on trading. Concern and greed are eradicated when automated program trades on your own behalf.

Many people claim that forex robots usually do not perform. Naturally not all function but there are a couple of which will produce profit supplied they may be employed properly. Variables that have for being thought to be are: Does the forex robot use a quit loss? You ought to never use a martingale system as this could blow your account in a very solitary trade. It is also significant to select a broker who has an aggressive spread to the pair that the forex robot trades on. Lots of systems appearance beneficial in back testing as a consequence of slippage, spread and execution delays not becoming taking into consideration. It really is an excellent strategy to forward examination the expert advisor ahead of making use of it on your own live account.

What to appear for in the forex robot
Be sure that it employs a stop loss. It will be an benefit if it runs on currency pairs with reduced spreads. Also check out time which the ea is lively. Scalping EA’s that run throughout the quieter instances are amongst essentially the most profitable and have small probability. Even scalping robots can bring big earnings with tiny drawdowns.

You can find two broad classes of forex signals:

one. Forex signals generated by automation
2. Forex signals created immediately by genuine traders (authentic human beings)

The reduce straight for the chase, by far the most rewarding forex signals are these produced by traders who are still actively trader – these Constantly defeat out signals which have been produced by automation, irregardless in the procedure the automation is modeled following and irregardless of how nicely programmed (and back-tested) it truly is.

Nonetheless, forex signals created by automation are marketed far more intensely than individuals created by serious traders. This is certainly really a lot more an issue of individuals seeking to maximize their earnings from revenue commissions than precisely what is essentially very best to the trader. Automated signals can not respond to changes out there on account of news occasions or maybe to your organic drift that invariably happens. These are also confined to one of a several trading tactics. I’ve never ever identified any one who produced really good money at forex working with automated signals.

So, the initial move in hunting for that most successful forex signals will be to eradicate the automated signals and focus only within the human produced signals.

Forex robots do get the job done, it is just a make a difference of back testing and ahead testing till the technique is optimized to provide the best volume of profit while using the smallest sum of danger and draw down. I use an ea on my are living account that I have setup on a virtual private server and it brings me good success everyday without me having to undergo the anxiety that manual traders do.

Beneficial Luck together with your trading!

I am a Forex Trader. I used to trade manually but due to stress, discipline problems, greed and fear. Now I use an automated expert advisor that trades for me so I can go about my daily life. visit here to find Best Forex Trading Robots

The Forex Market As The Way To Raise Your Intellectual Level. The Analysis Of The Forex Market

The Forex market has been attracting a lot of lovers of alternative income for the last time. And a lot of stock specialists still can not answer the question what the Forex market is. If it is a work or still a game?

A lot of people come to the Forex market in order to get a fast income given away. But getting to know the system of earning, people understand that it is impossible to earn money easily; you have to work hard and only in this case you can increase your financial fortune.

When a person understands that, this person either starts learning the work on the Forex market in details or leaves the market once and forever. There is no place on the Forex market for “freeloaders”, only real intellectuals can become successful in this kind of business.

Here the basic tendency of this article comes — the Forex market is not only the way to earn money, but this is also a way to increase your intellectual level. Every Forex-trader has always to be well informed about quotations, rates, tender, economic news and indicators and so on. And a trader also can not work without special literature; traders read hundreds of specialized books during his/her work on the Forex market.

If you are not ready to study the market constantly, you can forget about income. The Forex market helps you to learn to structure your minds. I.e. you will learn how to bring all the stream of information to the single whole, which will be very useful for you in future.

It is also very important to analyze what happens and happened on the market. Thanks to the Forex market a trader can learn to make analysis, and as the analysis of some upsurge as the analysis of losses. The analysis of data also includes crating strategies on the market. Every trader creates his/her own trade strategy for the successful work on the market. Basically traders can get profits thanks to successfully prepared trade strategies.

There is also one more important fact — the Forex market develops the psychology of a trader. Every person, who works on the market, must understand that he/she can lose money even because of the smallest factor. You current situation on the market depends on how you can make decisions, if you are able to run risks in a certain situation and so forth. That’s why the psychology of a trader is one of the basic aspects of the work on the Forex market.

All in all the factors written above increase the intellectual level of a trader. Making analysis, structuring data, developing strategies, all that can be useful for you in your daily life also, not only on the Forex market.

As in any other niche of our life foreign exchange market needs some knowledge.

Of course, one can start forex investment and get quite successful about it. However sooner or later the losses will come. This is when you might think “Why did I fail to start with a good forex trading education?”

This does not imply that after reading even the top materials you will start closing trading positions with huge income, but this knowledge will save you from many traps. And even if you make up your mind to get the assistance of a managed forex trading service, still you will be able to make a much wiser decision.

And a final piece of advice – today the online technologies give you a really unique chance to choose what you want at the best terms which are available on the market. Funny, but most of the people don’t use this opportunity. In real life it means that you must use all the tools of today to get the information that you need.

Search Google or other search engines. Visit social networks and have a look on the accounts that are relevant to your topic. Go to the niche forums and join the discussion. All this will help you to build up a true vision of this market. Thus, giving you a real opportunity to make a smart and nicely balanced decision.

And also sign up to the RSS feed on this blog, because we will everything possible to keep this blog tuned up to the day with new publications about Forex market.

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Accept Losses in Forex Trading

Accept Losses in Forex Trading

The lack of a proper trading plan which includes precise rules for entering and exiting a trade will most certainly guarantee failure over the long term. Beginners usually suffer from the same common ailments. They abandon trading plans purely on impulse because things are not going exactly as how they had envisioned. Repeatedly they use unreliable methods that fail to produce a profit. Many traders hold on to losing positions telling themselves "it is going to turn" when every indicator says otherwise because they cannot bear the thought of a loss.

Why do they torture themselves? Why don't they just identify what's going wrong and make a change? For some people recognizing that a trade or even a trading method is not working and making a change is easy, but for others it's very difficult. They have to look at their limitations admit that they have made a mistake and that's hard because it hurts our ego. Psychologically it's risky; it's often easier to fool ourselves.

Just keep going, living in a state of denial until your account is depleted. If you recognize any of these traits in yourself you must stop trading immediately.

Take a good look at what has been happening, try and identify the problem. If you look close enough you may see a pattern. This is why it is vital to record every trade and as much information about it as possible. You have to break out of old patterns and see things in a new light.

You will never be a successful trader if you continue to live in a state of denial. What can be done to return to reality? There is a lot you can do. First of all make sure you are not trading under stress. When stressed out you can't see clearly, you become rigid and unable to see alternative views. One of the easiest solutions is to trade smaller. The smaller the trade the less the stress, especially for the beginner. If you are experienced and in a losing streak reduce your contracts until you get your confidence returns. Some people need to take a break altogether. Get away from it all. Take your mind off the trading.

The second thing you can do is to make sure you have a life. Trading can be addictive especially when you are winning. Do not put all your emotional eggs in the trading basket. You need to have other roles that give your life meaning and purpose. By defining your identity in a variety of ways, you will not place un-natural importance on trading events. Therefore, you will be able to take losses in stride and look at your trading more objectively.

Finally, radical acceptance is a key mental strategy for coping with market uncertainty. Many traders make the mistake of thinking they can control the markets. Nobody can control the markets. We must learn to accept anything that comes our way and to trade accordingly. Adopt the attitude that trading is a journey and that all we can do is go where the markets take us.

To succeed on this journey you cannot afford to lose too much. Manage risk and just accept what you get and enjoy the ride. This way you will trade more freely and creatively. Don't live your life in denial.

Accept your limitations, work around them, and become a winning trader. Write out your trading plan with precise entry and exit points. Most important set your stops and mentally decide you will not break them. Test your system on paper and when confident test in real time with the minimum contract size. You will have losing trades, accept them with grace and go on to the next trade.

By Lily Alley

Buzz, Shams Fatani


Trading Software, Technical Analysis, Neural Networks, Stock, Forex, Futures

Trading Software, Technical Analysis, Neural Networks, Stock, Forex, Futures

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Designation: Forex private coach.

Duration: 2 days course content on any Monday to Friday.

Trainer: Shams Fatani

Vanue: Any hotel coffee house & with 24 hours wifi.


Your Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the session the participantwill be able to know methodology of forex trading.

1. Able to know high probality trade.

2. Support & resistance level.

3. When to enter & when to exit trade.

4. Money Management.

5. Risk & reward ratio.

6. Stop loss.

7. Trailing stop.

8. The psychology/mind of a trader.

9. Risk management.

10. Expert Advisor Automatic trading.

11. Excute trades during training.

12. Technical analysis benchmark.

13. Adapting highest multiple hedghing trading risk.

14. Price swing, reversal and trend.

15. Divergence bullish/bearish.

16. Trade in structured displine psychology.

17. Forex automated trading.

Training methods in use:

1. Trading simulation.

2. Live simulation trading asigment.

3.Coaching trading entry & exit.


5. Assessment.

6. Evaluation.

7. Recapping.

8. Retraning.

9. Skill assessment/competition.

10. Forex research methodology.

11. Analysis of charts & indicators.

12. Comparative studies & cross references analysis of technical indicators.

13. Internet references & studies of forex indicators.

14. Reinforcement of structured trading disipline.

My introduction to this training include:

1. Re-engineering of Trading Platform, the Metaqoutes MT4 Expert Advisor automatic trading, forex automatic trading.

2. Technical analysis with MT4.

3. Fundemental analysis.

4. Comparative & evaluative methodology system, technics & techniques.

5. Softwares setup, propreity & open source software.6. Introduction to MT4 software programing.

7. Internet forex forums & studies groups.

The main content of my training:

1. Comprehension of the major technical analysis indicators.

2. Methodology of comparative & evaluative will be the analysis of MT4 technical analysis.

3. Cross reference of technical analysis data.

4. The winning psychology of a trader.

5. Critical studies of indicators. (Non lagging indicators).

6. Live trading.

You will learn to use applied charts and indicators as technical analysis tools:

1. Non lagging MA colour coded buy/sell signals.

2. Breakout signal & indicators.

3. Bullish & bearish divergence indicator.

4. Dynamic RSI.

5. Other non lagging indicators.

6. Fibonacci tunnels, trends. zig zags, pivots, supports & ressistances.

7. Elliot wave oscillator.

8. Predictive EMA.

9. & many others.

My conclusion & summary will cover:

1. Treading mind mapping & reinforcement of structured trading disipline.

2 . Brain storming of the result of initial trading simulation. Profit or loses. Learn through mistakes.

3. Major loses are traders uncontrolled risk psychology.

How I will assess competencies?:

Virtual trading & live trading is the fundemental success of a trader.

Thing that I need to organise my traning:

1. Training plan.

2. Session plan/ tentative program.

3. Assessment plan.

4. Internet online.

5. Conductive enviroment.

6. Internet base training & resources.

The resources:

Note book computer.

Internet online/wifi.



Day 1 Time:

10.00 - 24.00. Tokyo, London & New York Market.

1.MT4 chart & indicators setup.

1.1 Overview of the setup.

1.2 Introduction to Tokyo/Yen, London/Eur and New York/US$ market.

2. Guided simulation trading. Hand on trading skill.

2.1 Monitoring & explanation of trading technique.

3. Trading check list.

3.1 High probality trade.

3.2 Support & resistance level.

3.3 Stop loss.

3.4 Risk & reward ratio.

3.5 Trailing stop.

3.6 When to enter & exit the trade.

3.7 Price swing, reversal & trend.

3.8 Bullish/bearish divergence.

4. Introduction to applied technical analysis.

4.1 Comperhension of the applied technical analysis.

5. Psychology of a trader.

6. Money & risk management.

7. Fundemental analysis.

8. Assessment of trading result.

9. The winning psychology of a trader.

Day 2

06.30- 24:00 Tokyo, London & New York Market.

1.Guided Simulation Trading. Tokyo/Yen market open to New York forexmarket open.

1.1 Multiple currencies pairs trading.

1.2 Spot hedghing. Adapting highest multiple hedghing trade risk.

2. Methodology of comparative & evaluative analysis of technical anaysis.

3. Technical analysis systems, technic, techiques & bench mark.

4. Critical studies of indicators,(non lagging indicators).

5. Comparative studies & cross references analysis of technical indicators.

6. Internet references, studies of forex indicators & forums.

7. Introduction to MT4 Programing.

8. Trading mind mapping & reinforcement of structured trading disipline.

9. Recapping & retraining.

10. Forex automated trading MT3 & MT4 Expert Advisors.